Understanding that your mother is idealistic in nature will help you to know her better. Audrey Hepburn falls into this category.

Idealist Mothers

Every child will be proud to possess an idealist mother. There are three basic qualities that rule the heart of a mom with ideals - romantic, intuitive and enthusiastic. By nature, they make very nurturing, doting and kindhearted mothers. If you know that your mother exactly fits into the category of an idealist mother, the knowledge will help you to deal with your mom better. If you have an idealist mother, you have to pay much more importance to your personal growth and development because they are passionate about the personal growth and development of their child. They brim with enthusiasm and let their enthusiasm infect others around her. The romanticism in their nature does not allow them to be practical in the ways of life. Among the idealist mothers, we have the famous personality of Audrey Hepburn. You can take cues about your own idealist mom by going through the character traits of this famous personality.

Mothers With Ideals
Set An Example For Your Child
A mother is most important person in a child's life. An idealistic mother is a positive influence on her child and a great role model too. She maintains a good relation with her family and friends; she will have good manners and maintain good housekeeping habits, as she knows all these will have an impact on her child's growth. For example, the child notice the love and respect a wife shows for her husband, father or others and would geared up to be a loving and caring companion later in life. Hence, be respectful to own parents.

Always Be There For Your Child
During initial stage of a childhood, the child needs the mother more. An idealistic mother always spends a quality time with her child. She never forgets that ultimately, she is the mother and it is her complete responsibility to give them moral and ethical guidance. An ideal mother is caring and gentle, but also firm in discipline. She always gives her shoulder to cry on and stand firm in her child's time of need, she will always be there when her kid needs her and she puts her kids' needs above her own. She lets the child to grow as an individual and learn from experiences. An ideal mother teaches the child good manners and set values for her children.

Being A Good Listener
An idealistic mother spends a good amount of quality time with her children and she patiently listens to them when they speak and gives them quality advice to help them in negative circumstances. She is always approachable. This helps a child to open up, share problems, and not be secretive about what they do.

Every mother builds a strong foundation for her kids to grow and develop as an individual. However, an idealistic mother not only builds a strong foundation, but also encourages her children to bring out the best in them. She makes the child develop their skills in whatever area they are good at, she also helps them in overcoming with their weaknesses and helps her child set out their own path. She does not mind giving up her time, sleep, pleasures etc. to ensure that her child is all right.

Love And Patience
A child is always special to a mother no matter whether the child is young or old, healthy or handicapped, obedient or troublesome. She loves them the way they are, she always hopes for the best.