Quizzes can be organized at different levels for children of all age groups on Mother's Day as part of Mother's Day games or competitions.

Quiz On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is all about spending quality time with your mother. Best would be to indulge in Mother's Day games and activities that will help you get closer to your mother and to make her day truly memorable. She might tell you that being loved by her family is all she could ask for on Mother's Day. She is a friend and a caring mother, she always has her hands full and her heart is overflowing with love. However, the truth remains, Mother's Day is the only occasion to celebrate mom officially. So, let us make sure that she enjoys this day to the utmost. Mother's Day quizzes can be organized at different school levels or even with the children of the apartment or your neighborhood. It can be a generic quiz based on the general information about Mother's Day celebration or a personalized quiz on a specific mother.

Conducting A Quiz Competition
How to go about conducting a quiz competition with the children in your apartment or even family? The first step should be to gather all the children in your family or apartment at least a day before and prepare a list of participants. Anyone can act as the scorekeeper of the competition. Prepare an invitation list, inviting the mothers of all the participants and any number of people you would like to grace the occasion. The presence of the mothers of all the participants is important to validate the answers, as the answers will be very specific according to the individual mother's choices. Now the quizmaster will have to work in isolation preparing a questionnaire for the competition and find answers to those questions by meeting the individual mothers.

Prepare questions such as follows:
  • What is your mother's favorite dish?
  • What color dresses does your mother prefer?
  • Who is your mother's favorite movie star?
  • What kind of books does your mother like to read mostly?
  • What does your mother like to do best in her leisure time?
  • How old was your mother when she got married?
  • Which is your mother's most favorite dish?
  • Who has been the greatest influence in your mother's life?
  • What angers your mother most?
  • Which is your mother's dream destination?
  • What is your mother most afraid of?
  • What is your mother's star sign?
The general quiz on Mother's Day can be prepared on generic information about Mother's Day, which every child celebrating the day in all its pomp and glory is expected to be aware of.

You can prepare a questionnaire as follows:
  • When is Mother's Day celebrated? (Answer: The second Sunday of every month of May)
  • Identify the famous name associated with Mother's Day? (Answer: Anna Jarvis)
  • Which country was the first to recognize Mother's Day? (Answer: England)
  • What was Mothering Sunday? (Answer: The day the household servants returned to be with their mothers)
  • What brought an end to Mothering Sunday? (Answer: The Industrial Revolution)
  • In which year did Mother's Day become an official holiday? (Answer: 1915)
  • What was the favorite flower of Mrs. Jarvis? (Answer: White Carnation)
  • What is the official flower for Mother's Day? (Answer: Red Carnation)
Mother's Day is a good time to thank your mom. Show your appreciation to your mother for her everlasting love; explore loads of fun on this mother's day. This article offers a fabulous array of fun activities for the whole family and friends. Enjoy this mother's day!