Poster making can well be a part of Mother's Day Celebrations. Learn more about this unique Mother Day activity.

Poster Making Competition

Celebrate this Mother's Day in a unique by making a lovely picture of that special person in your life called mother. Organize Mother's Day poster craft competition or make a poster of your mommy at home. This Mother's Day fun activity can be organized at your school. If you are organizing this competition in your school, all the children can be provided with crayons or water colors and white sheets and then asked to draw a picture of his/her mother. The best drawing shall be awarded the first prize. Of course, all the children can carry the drawings home and gift it to their moms. If you are organizing it in your locality or community, then first of all prepare a complete list of all the participants, divide them into several groups categorized on the basis of age. Decide on a venue, and fix a time for the event. Ask the participants to carry colored crayons and drawing sheet. Try it and make the event a great success. Surely, the mothers will enjoy the competition as much as the kids.

Mother's Day Poster Craft
If you are working hard on creating your mom's poster and also trying harder to win the competition, here are few techniques help you in achieving your goal.

Create A Unique Mother's Day Poster
There are various ways you can create a poster gift for your mommy. If you wish to be more artistic, find some quotes, or phrase, or use lyrics from your mother's favorite song and place those around her photo. Any of these options will surely make a great poster and will be unquestionably unique from the usual gifts.

Create A Theme
You can elaborate your poster by adding a theme around it. Keeping poster as a centerpiece, you can add clip arts to further beautify it. This will give a pleasant appeal to the entire poster.

Create Photo Poster At Home
Open the digital photo of your mom that you want to convert in a photo-editing program, like Adobe Photoshop. Keep the size of the photo as large as the original photo size because on enlarging, the photo might look distorted and lose its crispness. It is suggested to use digital camera with a high MP or megapixel output. You can start editing according to how you want it; you can crop the photo using "crop" button. Add your mom's favorite line, or phrase by clicking on "text" button. If you want to make a super-size wall poster then upload your photo online to block posters. You will be converted to a PDF of few pages according to the sections been created. Take a print out (inkjet printer and photo paper) and piece together to make a large poster.

Tips And Techniques
For inspiration you can visit a public library to view the posters that others have created, browse online for the latest promotional deals and also to exchange information. Use techniques or features like adding clipart, erasing background of photos and other effect. Best way is to browse through the professionally designed backgrounds as inspiration for the different type of photos that you want to add to your poster or collage.

Choose the one which is easy to make and your mom will also love to see herself in the poster. You can use this poster for competition and for decorating your home too.