A very good idea of spicing up your Mother's day is to conduct some exciting games, competitions and activities such as presenting the best cooking award.

Best Cooking Award

When mothers cook for you, they make sure that they give you the best dish they can possibly make. They make it less spicy or savory depending on how you like it. A mother's heart always thinks for her child first and then about herself. Have you ever asked her how she wants her food to be? Well, here is a golden opportunity for you to serve your mother her favorite dish, the way she wants it. Organize a cooking competition where you can cook your mother's favorite dish and garnish it with lots of love.Think of the times when she used to cook delicious dishes for you and you greedily asked for more and more helpings. Turn this Mother's Day special with this unique and fun filled competition such that she admires you, feels proud of you and loves you more and more. Scroll further to find out how to go about it.

Most Awaited Cooking Competition

Prepare List Of Participants
When you are planning to conduct a cooking competition, you have to plan three or four days ahead of the competition. First, you have to prepare a list of the children who are interested and note the number. You have to be organized so as to provide the required cooking facilities and have to keep a check on the number of participants as well. Invite famous mothers of the neighborhood as judges whose children are not participating in the competition.

Decide A Venue For Competition
Keeping a note on the number of participants and facilities, choose an apt and spacious venue. Inform all the participants and audiences the venue and make sure you decide the time as well.

Start At Scheduled Time
Now that everything is ready, don't delay the competition and keep everyone waiting. Mention the commencement time clearly well before this day. Arrange for the seating arrangement for the mothers, judges and the non-participating children. Without much delay in the competition start on time and prove to your mother your organizational skills.

Make Sure Mother's Enjoy
This competition mainly aims to make your mother feel proud and lavish her with all the scrummy dishes. None of the mothers is allowed to help their children. This is a time for the mothers to know the culinary skills of their children. So make sure that they sit back and enjoy!

Judging Panel
Judges can taste the dishes once they are ready and decide the best dish. Make it a point that the judges' decision is final. The participants are free to choose any dish that is their mother's favorite. A voting system can also be done such that all the judges taste the food and decide.

The winner of this competition can be rewarded with a prize given to him by his/her mother. After that, the dishes can be passed on to the participant's mothers to be tasted and determined how close the effort was to the original dish.

This way you can honor your mothers for preparing delicious lip smacking dishes day after day. Give them a day off and let them sit back and enjoy your delicious dishes. Doing so, you mark an end to a nice titillating, yet mouthwatering end to a wonderful Mother's Day.