Read how you can teach the tiny tots to understand the concept of Mother, playfully through some simple games and activities on this Mother's Day.

Identify The Mother Game

Shower your mom with the love and appreciation she demands by honoring her on this Mother's Day. However, don't restrict yourself to cards, gifts, flowers and dinner alone. Make your mom feel young, invigorated and excited by arranging a fun Sunday! And what better choice than exciting games to get her adrenaline surging. One simple way to ensure that she has full-blown fun is to conduct some fun activity or games, where she can pull up her socks and participate and have a blast. After all, it's the moment of happiness that counts. Fun-filled, energetic, high-spirited, exciting - that is how kid's games for Mother's Day should be. There are zillion fun activities and games that can bring a smile on your mother's face. "Identifying mothers" is a popular game among toddlers and kids. Plan your game well and treat your mother to a truly fun-filled, exhilarating Sunday. Happy Mother's Day!

Match The Mother And Babies Species
Even though children under the age group of five know and understand little apart from their mother, it is really important to make the concept of mother clear in their formative years. A mother's day game or some interesting mother day activities can help the young brains to understand what is "having a mother" all about.

Identify The Mother
"Identify the Mother" is one of the simplest games in which you have to keep a jumbled heap of pictures of different babies of animals and their mothers. Don't forget to keep a human mother and child in the heap. Now, call each child in front of the soft board one by one. Ask them to choose a matching mother-and-baby pair from the jumble and pin it on the board provided. You can keep extra pictures of varied other animals in the heap too.

Match The Pair
The babies of different animals are called by typical names, which do not bear any semblance to the names of the original species. Keeping this fact in mind, this same game can be played with animal names instead of pictures, for kids of first or second grade. For example, you can prepare a list of mother-baby combinations like cub, foal, tadpole with tiger, horse and frog, etc. Then you call out each name and ask the children to first identify the babies and the mothers and put them in two separate columns and then match them by drawing lines to connect the names. It would be fun to watch the tiny tots trying to identify each animal pairs correctly.

Play Games!
It is best to celebrate mother's day by playing games, whether it is indoor or outdoor games. Especially indoor fun games like identifying the mother can be truly exciting. Check out this interesting mother/child game idea, you can play with a few other families. Steps: First, divide the team into four, each mother/child teams. Make mothers and children to sit in different rooms. Set questions of four to five; ask same questions to each child about their mothers. Repeat same questions to mothers, does the answer matches with her child? Give away prizes like red carnations whose answer matches more.

Mothers always ensure that her child gets the best. So on this Mother's Day, treat her to a wonderful Sunday by engaging her in a fun game. She will totally love you for this. Have fun!