Sit with your mom and watch 'Terms Of Endearment' directed by James L. Brooks and starring Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger.

Movie Terms Of Endearment

This rom-com drama stretches its roots to the early 1980s. 'Terms Of Endearment' is the celluloid adaptation of the novel written by Larry McMurtry. This film stars Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger and also Jack Nicholson. This film is a journey down the thirty years relationship between a devoted, possessive, widowed mother and a free spirited daughter. Here, in this movie, MacLaine has enacted the character of Aurora Greenway while Winger played the role of her daughter Emma. This movie gathered great applause for its great performance. This includes five Academic Awards, Best picture, Best Direction, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Jack Nicholson and also the Best Actress Award for Shirley MacLaine along with four Golden Globes. In this story, the mother and daughter follow their own pursuit of happiness and lead a contented life.

This story highlights the relationship of a mother and her daughter in which both are in search of love. Earlier in Emma's childhood days, she used to take great care so as to make sure that she was not disturbed while sleeping and so that she could breathe properly. As Emma grew up, the relation between Emma and Aurora turned into a love-hate relationship. The film covers their lives for several years as they find the source of happiness and joy in their lives. Shortly after her graduation, Emma gets married and bears two children whom she and her husband struggles to manage. However, due to certain issues in the family, their relation does not get far as expected. When she gets pregnant again for the third time, their relation gets strained and she finds herself another lover. In the meantime, her husband gets into a relation with a young graduate student as well. However, this relation does not last long and her husband gets a new teaching job in Kearney, Nebraska and Emma decides to relocate. It is during this time that she comes to know of her malignant illness. Thus, due to her deteriorating health, Aurora and Patsy offers to adopt Emma's children, but like all mothers she does not agree to this, as she can't imagine staying away from her kids.

Hence, they decide to let Emma's mother look after her children and raise them. During this time, Emma finds herself more drawn towards her children. The night when Emma dies, all her friends and family gathers in Aurora's beautiful backyard and mourns her death. The movie ends with Aurora holding her grandchild, Melanie close to her. Hence, this film portrays the great love of Emma for her children despite her illness. This will indeed induce in the audience a great feeling of the mother daughter relation and generate respect and love to cherish. After watching this movie, you will feel happy and contented and sense your heart brim with powerful emotions. These strong characters are sure to be engraved in your mind for long, as it is a real heart touching story that never fails to move. On this special occasion of the 'Mother's Day', watch this entertaining movie and find the right message it has to deliver. This commercially successful movie is sure to enthrall your hearts and would give you a great experience watching it.

Now what can be a better way to please your mom than cuddle up by her side and watch a heartening movie on a mother. A perfect Mother's Day gift for sure!