Celebrate Mother's Day this year by watching Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman starring 'Anywhere But Here' with your mom. Rest assured, she would love you for it.

Anywhere But Here (1999)

'Anywhere But Here' is a movie that revolves around the relationship of an ambitious mother and a sensible and responsible daughter. A touching, beautiful, and entertaining movie to watch, its baseline is inspired by Mona Simpson's namesake novel. With the dynamic duo, Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman playing the mother-daughter pair, the movie truly makes for an impressive watch. The movie tells the story of a wise kid called Ann August and her relationship with her mother, Adele who is a big American dreamer. It takes us through the runway of their ambitions, which are quite contradictory. It also brilliantly explores a perpetual urge in man to keep the life moving even if it is at the risk of deep disorientation. At the end, what is unfolded before us is a heartening and touching relationship between the mother and the daughter. Go through this review of the movie to explore the relationship that exists between a mother and a daughter.

'Anywhere But Here' portrays a mother-daughter journey towards newer and brighter possibilities and towards realizing their dreams. Natalie Portman plays the 14-year-old daughter, Ann, who is forced to move from a small town in Bay City to Beverly Hills by her mother Adele who feels subdued by her small-town life. Buying a used Mercedes and taking her teenage daughter, Adele drives to Beverly Hills where she expects her daughter to try her hand in movies and thereby become a popular actor. However, her daughter is naively unaware of her plans and is angry for being separated from the family she loves. She does not share any of her mother's social-climbing fascinations.

The film is at its best when it digs deep into the mother-daughter relationship after the daughter has grown up and when mother's obsession seems to threaten their lifeboat. Maintaining an unstable, but close relationship, Adele, the dreamer and Ann, the realist is on a flip-flop in their journey of discovery. The movie further gets touching when it explains the things that keep them together despite their setbacks in life. In some cases, it is companionship while in a few instances, it is pure wrath as in a scene in which Ann impersonates her mother. What is unfolded before us when the film goes on is a hard-won compromise as in these lines, "You never were a small-town girl, were you,"' Adele finally remarks. "Thanks for knowing that, Mom," Ann answers.

A turbulent tug of war is what we see in mother-daughter interaction in the film, with Ann playing the role of a responsible and sensible person and Adele as someone who needs grounding. Ann demands normalcy and stability in life which is not provided by Adele. This results in Ann accusing her mother of being impractical, tyrannical and irresponsible. As we view the film in Ann's perspective, even our impression of Adele is same. However, the daughter in Ann does not neglect the other facade of Adele's personality; she understands the isolation and insecurity which lies hidden in her mother's heart. The fact that her mother does not live for herself, but only for her daughter and the thoughts of losing her daughter is her utmost fear is better understood by none other than Ann.

A sentimental story of a strong-headed mother living to pursue her dreams and at the same time possessing a strong urge to protect her daughter! So cuddle up against your mother and watch movie this Mother's Day.