"Mothers Who Think" is a collection of anthologies that includes works by Anne Lamott, Chitra Divakaruni, Susie Bright, Ariel Gore and Susan Straight. Gift this selection of essays to your dear mom.

Mothers Who Think

A book that reveals the hidden pleasures of motherhood is inarguably a great gift option to present to your mom on Mother's Day. Here is one book that your mother would love to treasure close to her heart - "Mothers Who Think: Tales of Real-Life Parenthood" by Kate Mosses and Camille Peri who are the editors of the website. A compelling and provocative collection of forty essays from the website,, the work, "Mothers Who Think", takes an unwavering look at the hidden pleasures and grainy truths of a modern mother. So vast is its range of subjects that it elevates the term,' motherhood' from mere potty training and tantrum control. Being termed as an 'anthology of smart and lovely essays' by Chicago Sun Times and conferred ''The American Book Award', the work is regarded as a testament to motherhood. The work is not only for mothers, as the terms suggests, but also for all mother figures who share an interest of raising their future generation. There can't be any better book than this to gift your fabulous mother on an occasion like Mother's Day than this.

This anthology of essays honestly presents the challenges that a twenty-first century mother faces. Told in prose that is irresistibly frank and lyrical, this book records the collective voice of real mothers - their susceptibility, loveliness and glory. A wide variety of topics is being discussed in the book ranging from the impossibility of loving your children equally to raising a son without his father, giving up the custody of one's own daughter to rising up a girl in a crazy sexualised society. The essays also explore the anguish of a mother who faces racial intolerance along with your children. What makes this work even more exciting is the way Kate Mosses and Camille Peri have gathered the best works from salon website. The book includes works from Anne Lamott, Chitra Divakaruni, Susie Bright, and Stephanie Coontz, essays from Jayne Anne Phillips, Sallie Tisdale, Susan Straight, Nora Okja Keller, Beth Kephart, Ariel Gore and Alex Witchel. So thoughtful, tender, harsh and irreverent are the essays that it takes a dig at the realities, silly sides and even the most satisfying aspects of a mother.

Among the essays, the most refreshing one is the one by Joyce Millman, the television critic in Salon who satirically pens her experiences when she became a classroom volunteer of her son's nursery school class that led to unsuspected consequences. There she developed a great admiration for teachers for "not just for the workload they carry, but for the emotional load." In another essay, depicted in a more serious tone, Ariel Gore excellently depicts the nightmare experience of her six-year-old daughter with her insane father. Also amazing is Ceil Malek's heartening account of giving up a baby girl and uniting with her twenty years later. Though some of the essays seem self-indulgent exercises in prose, most of them are case studies in intelligence and excitement. To sum it up, the work is regarded as a stunning, but humorous depiction of the issues of a modern mother.

As a work, 'Mothers who Think' is something more than the depiction of challenges a modern mother faces. It explores a much complicated world such as problems faced by a single mother and racism. Regarded as fusion of realities and myths, this is the best work that you can gift your mother as it instils a rewarding feeling of being a woman and altogether a mother.