Letters To My Daughters, written by Mary Matalin, would be an ideal gift for your mother. This book portrays a matured view of parenting and can serve as a guide for all mothers who are anxious about their daughters.

Letters To My Daughters

Alternatively referred to as a mom's coffee klatch book, 'Letters To My Daughters', written by the famous American political consultant Mary Matalin is a book addressing her daughters. Revered as "a great woman, a great American and a great mom", this fantastic mom is really a great inspiration to all mothers. Well known for her work with Republican Party, her placement as an assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President, Dick Cheney, she is a respected women and a lovely mom too. Though a well accomplished woman with illustrious career, she, just like most of the other women, considers motherhood as her most rewarding achievement. As a duty-bound mother, who was much concerned about her daughters, this book conveys ethical, moral and at times comical life lessons gathered from her own and her mother's experiences. This book is a bible of the holy relationship between mom and her daughter. 'Letters to My Daughters' gives a real deep understanding of what mothers should mean to their kids. No doubt that this could be a fantastic Mother's Day gift to your mom.

Matured Way Of Parenting
  • Dealing with a mother's views, her emotions, anxiety and tenderness, this book goes through several instances that are actually a mother's advice to her daughters.  She describes crying not as a weakness, but as cathartic and cleansing. According to her, "people who live life to the fullest commitment tend to cry a lot". She considers crying as a healthy expression of deep emotions and says that she doesn't like or trust people who don't or can't cry.
  • She tells her daughters that she can understand what they are going through in the teenage not because she remembered her teenage days, but she has  a fifty-something body hijacked by hormones against her will.
  • She tells her daughters that life without faith is unanchored and unfulfilling and without which, it is just like wandering in the desert.  Also, she educates her daughters that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Going further, Mary Matalin shares the complex philosophy of sex, which her mother told her, to her daughters. "Boys would screw a snake if it would lay still long enough."  Also, she advices her daughters that "a deep sense of loyalty can help you overcome almost any bump in the road. The disloyal may advantage themselves in some work situations, but their gains will be temporary, fleeting. They will fail their institutions, their colleagues, and worst of all, themselves."
  • Mary Matalin is aware about the struggles that her darling daughters faced, being kids to celebrity parents. The book shares some personal moments and memories, like the pain that her family underwent with the loss of your husband's brother, discussing her marriage proposal, etc.
  • In the letter titled "Getting Your Ya-Yas Out" she spoke about her run-ins with the law and the moments she spent in jail. Another letter talked frankly about boys, sex and its different forms, which normally mothers do not know how to present it before their daughters.
  • Mary wrote this book at the age of 50 when she had a more mature view of what parenting and mothering means. The book details the psychological upheavals she goes through when she finds herself pregnant and also relates the horrors of the tragic experience of losing a child. She also touches on aspects such as the children's reaction to debating parents and to working mothers, especially to a mother who is a famous television personality.
Altogether, this book is all about values that keep families strong. Stamped with her trademark sense of humor, this book is a complete guide with ample space for entertainment, information and inspiration. Being a perfect companion for any mother who which to have a company of a smart, sensible fellow traveler helping raising good daughters, this book is a wonderful mother's day gift for your loving mom.