Are you wondering what gift would be ideal for an expectant mom? Read on to know some great gift ideas for mothers to be.

Gifts For Mothers To Be

During pregnancy, a woman goes through a tumult of emotion. Right from the overweight issue to the bliss of being a mother, mothers-to-be experience an array of feelings. Sometimes having all the attention been drawn towards the unborn child, she might feel left out or neglected at times. So as the entire family prepares to welcome the baby, it is the responsibility of the family members and friends to pay equal attention to the mother as well. What else can be a better way to shower all the love and affection on an expectant mother than to offer her gifts? Apart from making her happy, gifts would also make her feel important. However there are certain obligations as far as gifting option to an expectant mother are concerned.In the following lines, we have listed gifts that would be ideal for mothers-to-be. Make this mother's day special for her by gifting her any of the items below.

Gift Ideas For Expectant Mom


There will be a plethora of things to pen down for an expectant mom about the things she has been experiencing during the phase. She'll want to record the first movements of her child, doctor's appointments and her silly cravings during the period. So, a journal and pen is a great gifting option for a pregnant woman.

Snoozer Body Pillow
During pregnancy a woman often experiences pains in the joints and her back. This pillow offers total body support and helps to get a sound sleep.

Before you offer this gift you must enquire about the type of food she's been craving. Placing a ribbon around a bottle of pickles, giving a gift card to a local pizza parlor or whipping up a batch of peanut butter cookies will certainly be relished by an expectant mother.

It is a common phenomenon that as an expectant mother begins to gain weight and lose her waistline, she starts feeling she is no longer attractive. Some glittery jewelry can assist hertoget something extra to her look without too much of an effort. A pretty headband will also be a great item to gift to expectant mothers.

Baby Name Book
It is quite obvious that an expectant mother would be contemplating a baby for her baby night and day. Therefore a name book will always be fine gift. It will help her to know more about what the names mean and will also help her choose middle names. Pregnancy book is also a wonderful idea but it is possible that she might have alreadybought a pregnancy book on her own.But it is very unlikely that she had thought about a baby name bookwhich can keep her and the expectant father busy and entertained.

Bath Items
Bathe items are there to help her to soothe her muscles, as she might have been enduring a strain on her body. A basket of assorted lotions, creams, bath salts, etc. is just what she needs. However, be sensitive about the scents that you choose as she might be going through a "sensitive to scents" stage. It has been found that many pregnant women all of a sudden despise a scent, evencologne or even a food smell, which they used to love before. It is also important to avoid strong soaps and body washes which she might find to unpleasant. Go with natural ingredients and little fragrance to be on the safe side. However, these options will be open in later stages of pregnancy, when many of those sensitivities are gone.