This mother's day, express your emotions in beautiful words! Read more to find some popular card quotes to adorn your mother's day cards.

Mother's Day Card Quotes

Karan Johar, an ace filmmaker says, "I share the best possible relationship with my mother. That makes up for every relationship I don't have. She's my best friend and a reason to look forward to the next day." The bond between a child and a mother can't be defined in words. It's true that for life, a mother remains her child's best friend and a companion with whom the child can share anything. Mother's charisma, her power and her sacrificing nature has inspired people to pen down their feelings and emotions. And to capture the essence of this relationship, many have framed eloquent sentences that now have been transformed into quotes. So, this mother's day, add these beautiful quotes to your greeting cards, gift tags or letters and make your mother feel special. Some of them have been put together below for you to use.

Card Quotes For Mother's Day
  • Mom, over the years
    I've watched
    the wonderful ways
    you've made life special
    for our family...
    the moments of love
    and laughter
    the traditions
    and memories
    we'll carry with us
    throughout our lives.
    But most of all
    I've watched the way
    you've shown us
    the true meaning of love
    in everything you do.
    Happy Mother's Day
  • Somehow we always say the least<
    to those we love the best
    and hope our thoughts
    are understood.
    Although they're unexpressed -
    That's why it means
    so very much,
    when days like this are here
    to say how very much
    you're loved
    each day throughout the year.
    Happy Mother's Day!
  • By simply being yourself
    you've shown me the best way to be.
    By having faith in my dreams
    you've made me feel proud to be me.
    For you've given me a gift
    I will cherish my whole life through.
    One money can't buy and time can't erase
    the gift I cherish is YOU.
  • I want to thank you, Mother,
    for your patience...
    your encouragement...
    your strength...
    your generosity...
    your unswerving love...
    and for those six little words
    that helped me through
    so many trying times...
    "...because I said so, that's why!"
    Happy Mother's Day
  • Thank you for
    always taking the time
    to listen and understand.
    For being there for me
    with your support
    and encouragement.
    You're a great Mom!
    Have a wonderful day. Happy Mother's Day!
  • Sending this, Mom, especially to say
    Wishing you a happy
    and a wonderful day...
    And to tell you this day will always be one
    for remembering the many
    sweet things you have done!
  • Wishing you songbirds
    to welcome each morning,
    wishing you flowers
    to brighten each spring,
    Wishing you laughter,
    and sharing and caring,
    and all of the joy
    that each new day can bring!
    Happy Mother's Day!
  • To Mom...
    who never sends you
    out into the cruel world
    without first wrapping you up
    in the warmth of her love.
    Happy Mother's Day!
  • Mother's Day...
    a time for warm thoughts
    and fond memories,
    for expressing
    the feelings and words
    that often go unspoken,
    for letting
    those special people
    in our lives know
    that they are loved
    and appreciated -
  • Just one little wish for you, Mom,
    but it's loving and happy and true
    it's a wish that the nicest and best things
    Will always keep coming to you!
  • You wash my prints from walls and doors,
    for I am not careful where I play.
    But here is a print you'll want to keep.
    It's made for you this Mother's Day.
  • For all the
    loving things you are
    and caring things you do,
    we're sending you
    this special wish-
    multiplied by two!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
  • Mom...
    who never sends you
    out into the cruel world...
    ...without first wrapping you up
    in the warmth of her love.
    Happy Mother's Day!
  • Mom, if it weren't for you,
    I wouldn't have the sense
    to come in out of the rain.
    Of course, I also wouldn't have
    this inordinate fear of
    catching pneumonia either!
    Happy Mother's Day!
  • May all the love
    you give to others
    come back to you
    on this special day.
    Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!
  • The heart of a home is a mother
    Whose love is warm and true,
    and home has always been "sweet home"
    With a wonderful mother like you!
  • Mom, you know you're more than welcome
    to come over to my place for dinner,
    but there's one little problem...
    ...all the food I have needs to be cooked.
    Happy Mother's Day!