It's the thought that counts and especially when it comes to gifting mothers, you have to be creative. Read on to get some ideas for cheap Mother's Day craft.

Cheap Mother's Day Crafts

As the Jewish saying goes, "a mother understands what a child does not say" just reveals how much she knows her child. Your mother will be aware of the tiniest problems that you come across and will pamper you and comfort you. Well, now it's time to make her day special and express your love, gratitude and support towards her. The effort that you put in making the handcrafts for your mother counts a lot rather than getting a ready-made expensive gift. This is their day and you have to make sure that you make it the best day for them ever. Pamper your mother, for a change, and use this opportunity to display your talents to your creator. Read on to know how you can explore and use the regular, easily available home supplies to create many wonderful gifts for your mom. Go ahead and make the moments special for her!

Inexpensive Mother's Day Crafts

Twig Frame

Materials Required
  • Two Bunches of Twigs (about 2 inches wider than your photo)
  • Strings or Twine
  • Glue (Hot glue is best if available)
  • Mother's Photo, which you would like to frame
  • The bunch of twigs that you use should comprise about 6-8 in number. One of the bunches should be 2 inches longer than the photo, while the other should be 2 inches wider.
  • Place the long twigs horizontally and the wide bunch vertically and make the frame to fit in the photo perfectly.
  • While making the frame, ensure that you extend the twigs outward for about an extra inch in each direction.
  • Make sure that you secure the ends of the frame with strong strings and twine and leave it in an X pattern. This is because the knots will be clearly visible outside and you have to give it a neat appearance.
  • Take the photo and glue it behind your photo frame. If you use hot glue, it will stay intact for a longer time.
  • You may also provide a small loop of string on the top of the frame to hang it.
Power Of Flower

Materials Required
  • Colorful Card Papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Envelopes
  • In order to make the base of the flowerpot, cut and fold 8½ by 11 inch card paper. You will be left with a rectangular shaped paper.
  • Using a decorative scissor, cut the top of the card to create a scalloped look.
  • Fold the rectangle in to four halves such that you leave a fold of ½ inch on one side. Unfold the card stock and glue the folded edge to complete the box shape.
  • Cut a 3 ½-inch wide center flower support using the colored card paper of your choice. At the end of the support, fold a ½-inch tab on either side.
  • Make colorful flowers, stems and leaves form the card paper in such a way that it fits inside the flower support envelope. You may also adjust the sides of the envelope if required.
  • Glue the parts of the flower together or you may even staple it. Followed by which you have to stick to the envelope with the stems and the flower part popping out.
  • Place it inside the previously made box and glue the base.
  • Write a special message for your mother, drop it inside the flowerpot, and surprise her.
Show your mom how much you care for her. When you sit down with a pen and paper, you may not get the right words to express your emotions. However, with these easy, no-hassle handcrafts, you can easily convey all your heartfelt emotions to your mom on this Mother's Day.